I-Enroll Integration Announcement

I-Enroll is one of the products by Santech which provides services to practice administrators and medical providers to simplify the process of enrolling new doctors, dentists and vision providers with any insurance companies or re-credentialing providers constantly. I-Enroll also allow the users to enroll any practitioners with any payer easily, without any paperwork.

In earlier days, managing practice credentialing process was not an easy task, it requires extensive knowledge of provider requirements and a large amount of paperwork. I-Enroll is developed to mitigate this problem and eliminate the burden of paper work. It simplifies the complicated process by consolidating information of all medical practitioners in a single portal, which makes it simple to collect the physician information and help in fill out the massive enrollment forms electronically.

To smoothen this process, Santech has integrated its products with many e-signature partners. Santech wants to give its customers the flexibility to choose their e-sign vendors. Recently, we have tied up with "eSign Genie" to send out the electronic forms along with signature sections pre-mapped to the physician, who is legally binding electronic signature on the form. See, how it works:-


Firstly, Practice Administrator requires access of I-Enroll for the entry of physician that needs to enroll and then select a provider. After that, they click on "Send for Sign" button. Afterward, complete provider enrollment form with the particular practitioner's details is sent automatically to the practitioner.

Thereafter, the physician receives email with an attached link to document for signing enrollment form online by using the eSign Genie web link. Once this process is finished, a signed form and complete copy of enrollment form, with certified signature is updated in our I-Enroll system. This signed form is then forwarded to the Payors from the system.

"I-Enroll simplifies the whole credentialing and re-credentialing application process for Practices and Providers. With this seamless integration with eSign Genie, these applications are created and sent out for online signature with one click, with all the pre-filled data. We partnered with eSign Genie as they have a simplified solution which provides an ease of use to the end user.” said Neeraj K. Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of Santech.