Provider Payor Enrollment Services

Experienced medical staffing professionals know that credentialed Providers cannot generate revenue until they are enrolled with Payors, and this is often a painful step in the Provider onboarding process.

That’s why healthcare organizations leverage Santéch’s end-to-end Provider Payor Enrollment service to redirect staff to work on more value-adding business activities.

This service offering includes:

  • Obtaining practitioner information
  • Following up with practitioners over missing and/or incorrect information
  • Preparing and completing Payor enrollment applications
  • Working with Providers or their staff to have them review, approve and sign their applications
  • Printing, packaging, and mailing Payor enrollment applications to Payors
  • Following up with Payors
  • Tracking and reporting on the status of Payor applications
  • Obtaining and logging Payor IDs with effective dates
  • Online access to get real-time status

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