As per industry analystss:

For Payors and Networks, ensuring Provider information is accurate and up-to-date promptly is a significant challenge. It’s costly and time-consuming.Payor

Enter I-Network

Payors and Networks leverage I-Network to efficiently and cost-effectively improve and enforce the quality of their Provider data. In addition, It allows them to redirect valuable resources to focus on more value-adding activities.

I-Network allows Networks to:

  • Build their networks quickly
  • Identify network growth patterns, changes, and trends
  • Move seamlessly from credentialing to product and network assignment with full traceability and visibility into your credentialing process.
  • Improve the effectiveness of their Network

I-Network allows Payors and Networks to:

  • Simplify the capture and upkeep of Provider data
  • Allow Providers to register online
  • Enforce data quality early in the process
To learn more about I-Network, please download our I-Network Brochure.

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