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Agile, high performance provider networks are essential for better provider relationships, higher earnings and lower financial risk. However, payors and networks continue to have low agility due to manual processing of provider data.

Manual processes make it difficult for network managers to speed up provider enrollment, credentialing and attestation. Data inaccuracies often result in more claims denials, increased administrative overheads, regulatory challenges and heightened business risks.


Your Trusted Digital Backbone for Agile Network Management

  • Leading Payors and Networks rely on I-Network as their go-to solution to:
  • Expedite key provider management functions
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Integrate providers with key enterprise systems
  • Improve network operations
  • Enhance Net Promoter Score
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I-Network: Designed for Network Agility, Efficiency & Compliance

I-Network lets you create a single source of truth to streamline provider data capture and management with remarkable speed and simplicity. This allows complete automation and transparency across onboarding, credentialing, re-credentialing, directory submissions and attestations.


  • Improved network monitoring with real-time analytics
  • Enhanced data quality and regulatory compliance through seamless
    integration with CAQH
  • Minimized claim denials due to high network adequacy
  • Better design and execution of network launch and expansion strategies
  • Reduced out-of-network costs
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White Paper: The Agile Provider Network

The advent of online technology has changed almost every industry, and healthcare is no exception. Consumers can now manage much of their care online, from finding and comparing health plans, to using their mobile phones to quickly view their benefits. In a parallel development, these healthcare consumers are taking on more of the financial responsibility of their care—and expect transparent, quality service in return.

Of course, much of this new ease in consumer self-service is happening on the front end through consumer-facing websites. Behind the scenes is a different story.

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