The effort and expense of keeping Provider information up-to-date and accurate often challenge Payors. Failure to meet this challenge can lead to lower Provider and member satisfaction levels, resulting in members electing to switch to other carriers.

It’s why Santéch created I-Network, a unique and innovative solution that allows Payors to transform their Provider management capabilities and gain a competitive advantage.

Payors leverage I-Network to:
  • Attract more Providers
  • Improve member satisfaction levels
  • Improve relations with Providers
  • Lower the cost of processing Provider applications
  • Dramatically improve the quality of their Provider data
  • Optimize network management activities
  • Expedite credentialing
  • Simplify capturing and updating Provider data
  • Support Provider recruitment campaigns
  • Create Provider directories
  • Strengthen Credentialing Verification Capabilities

Contact us to learn more about how I-Network can position your Payor organization to improve its bottom line by streamlining its Provider management activities.