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Provider enrollment and re-credentialing involve a series of lengthy and complex paperwork and manual administrative tasks. This often creates significant delays, perpetual backlogs, disjointed workflows, missed revenue opportunities, compliance challenges and operational risks.

Administrative teams and healthcare executives therefore need to build optimized, digitally-enabled processes that help them lower the administrative burden, scale seamlessly and align to new organizational changes such as mergers and acquisitions.


Unified Platform to Simplify, Optimize & Expedite Provider Management

  • Leading healthcare organizations leverage I-Enroll to:
  • Expedite key functions like provider onboarding, credentialing and engagement
  • Automate submissions & directory attestations
  • Drive compliance, and streamline the revenue cycle
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing systems to accelerate provider contracting, enrollment and compliance
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I-Enroll: Driving Integrated & Streamlined Provider Management Processes

I-Enroll integrates recruitment, credentialing and payor enrollment, by creating a single, seamless and automated workflow across multiple users and departments. This allows administrative teams to expedite enrollment and drive actionable intelligence across a spectrum of provider data management needs.


  • Enterprise-wide provider data accuracy for efficient credentialing and compliance
  • Expedited billing cycles, through faster and simpler provider onboarding, privileging, and credentialing
  • Rapid scalability across unlimited locations, tax ID’s & state-specific credentialing requirements.
  • Timely compliance through centralized data, enhanced data quality and real-time traceability
  • Improved flexibility and response time through real-time alerts and expiry notifications
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White Paper: Digitizing the Onboarding Experience

For most organizations credentialing, privileging and enrolling a provider takes 20 weeks or more due to the amount of paper work that a provider must submit, the number of people who must review it, paperwork that must be filled out by staff and significant amounts of time and resources expended on follow-up communications between hospital staff, a provider and Payors.

Overall, the current Provider Data Management landscape is not a pretty one and regrettably it is a landscape that is accepted and / or expected.

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