I Enroll: Platform Highlights

Published on: 10/27/2023

I-Enroll empowers organizations (large and small) to transform siloed Provider Management activities into intuitive, streamlined, and finely integrated processes. With I-Enroll, multiple users and dep

I Network: Platform Highlights

Published on: 10/27/2023

Santech’s I-Network is a comprehensive provider network management solution that helps payors and networks embrace network agility and maximize earnings.

Embracing and Agile Network

Published on: 08/22/2023

Key tips on how payors can transform provider network management by building agile provider networks while embracing data quality and compliance.

Embracing and Agile Network

Published on: 08/07/2017

In this segment, Neeraj K. Sharma, discusses how insurance companies can make incremental changes to thoroughly modernizing provider management infrastructure for this new era in consumer-driven care.

Accelerate Provider Engagement with I-Enroll

Published on: 12/27/2016

I-Enroll from Santech is the only innovative cost effective solution that integrates and transforms Provider data management capabilities for Physicians, Dentists, Hospitals and health care practices (small and large).

I-Enroll for Small Group and Individual Practices

Published on: 12/22/2016

Small and Solo Practices waste too much time and effort on enrolling providers with Payors. I-Enroll simplifies the process and automates the preparation of payor applications to save time and prevent common sources of enrollment delays.