Reconcile Provider Data Across Payors to Ensure Provider Directory Accuracy

Leveraging CMS-mandated FHIR Interfaces to Reconcile Provider Data Across Payors to Ensure Provider Directory Accuracy.

I Enroll: Platform Highlights

I-Enroll empowers organizations (large and small) to transform siloed Provider Management activities into intuitive, streamlined, and finely integrated processes. With I-Enroll, multiple users and dep

I Network: Platform Highlights

Santech’s I-Network is a comprehensive provider network management solution that helps payors and networks embrace network agility and maximize earnings.

Embracing an Agile Network

Key tips on how payors can transform provider network management by building agile provider networks while embracing data quality and compliance.

Embracing an Agile Network

In this segment, Neeraj K. Sharma, discusses how insurance companies can make incremental changes to thoroughly modernizing provider management infrastructure for this new era in consumer-driven care.

Accelerate Provider Engagement with I-Enroll

I-Enroll from Santech is the only innovative cost effective solution that integrates and transforms Provider data management capabilities for Physicians, Dentists, Hospitals and health care practices (small and large).

I-Enroll for Small Group and Individual Practices

Small and Solo Practices waste too much time and effort on enrolling providers with Payors. I-Enroll simplifies the process and automates the preparation of payor applications to save time and prevent common sources of enrollment delays.

I-Enroll for DSOs and Dental Groups

I-Enroll from Santech is an innovative web based solution that leading DSOs and group practices rely on to expedite provider enrollment, cut costs, save time and increase revenues.