Santech Announces New APIs for Credentialing & Provider Data Management Solutions at NAMSS

Iselin, NJ—October 23, 2017--Santech Solutions is releasing newapplication programming interfaces (APIs) for its suite of solutions at NAMSS’41st Educational Conference and Exhibit in Colorado Springs (Oct. 21-25,2017). Santech is applying strategic IT intelligence to modernize provider datamanagement infrastructure across all stakeholders with its in-depth knowledgeof providers & payor’s business needs. With launch of its open APIs Santechwill enable hospitals & medical practices to efficiently submit theprovider data to multiple participating payors.

“Payors & Providers need smartersolutions which can communicate with each other to exchange providerparticipation information. Since this is critical for the success of payor-providerpartnership, Santech has deployed an open infrastructure solution suite whichprovides readily usable APIs and a user interface for submission of providerdata usually sitting in multiple systems with these hospitals & practicessuch as Credentialing, Quality, EMR, HR, Practice Management Systems,Spreadsheets and Manual Notes” said Neeraj K. Sharma, Chief OperatingOfficer at Santéch Solutions.

This year’s NAMSS Conference would be enthrallingand Santech is ready to showcase the open APIs which will reinvent a synergeticway of functioning within the industry. Industry which is traditionally beingcompeting for work flow systems often ignores the value of collaboratingtogether to make it more efficient to improve healthcare ecosystem. With the help of these API’s,fragmented and distributed provider data can be pulled together from multiplesystems, submitted seamlessly to payors and on the other end transformed in ausable format for payors to use this data for credentialing, directory and Valuebased re-reimbursement (VBR) contract management purposes.

Earlier this year Santech was selectedas a ‘cool vendor’ by leading analyst firm Gartner for enabling transformationalprovider management due to its continuous innovations and modern provider datamanagement infrastructure. Sharma added, “Offering an API to allow othersolutions to leverage this comprehensive infrastructure suite was a naturalnext move to help the industry.”

APIs drive improved capabilities withinthe Industry:

  • APIs allowhospitals & practices to seamlessly submit their provider data such asProvider’s demographic, credentialing, location, specialty, work hours,accepting new patients (open close panel), quality scoring, attestations,signed applications and participation acceptance of VBR contracts to multiplepayors for credentialing, directory andValue based re-reimbursements (VBR) contract management purposes.

  • APIs willhelp in submitting this data from heterogeneous sources and Santech’scomprehensive I-Net Exchange program deploys patent pending algorithms toidentify correctness and completeness of this information, accuracy &validity of this information, identification of payor/plans specific businessrequirements and conversion of this information into payor’s most usable optimalformats.

  • APIscoupled with user interface would provide additional capabilities to hospitalsand practices to nurture their provider data based on their specific businessalignment with each payor and network.

  • These APIs& user interface would also allow hospitals & practices to receive and fulfill requests coming from payors for seeking/updating this information.Traditionally these requests get exchanged through email/faxes and phone callsmaking it cumbersome and time-consuming for medical professionals.

Santech’s intuitive APIs providean appropriate solution to the three major problems of streamlining thepayor-provider relationship. First, APIs allow hospitals & practices toseamlessly submit their provider data with Payors right from their existingsystem of record. Second, APIs reduce staff time in catering the provider directoryupdate requests from multiple Payors. Third, APIs reduce errors & mistakesof manual updates leveraging Santech’s patent pending data cleansing &indexing algorithms. Through industry accelerating features these APIs willhelp in modernizing the payor-provider relationship with more accurate providerinformation.

A well-timed offering for NAMSS attendees

Reputed system vendors,participating in NAMSS, work with multiple hospitals & practices to house theirvaluable provider data often struggle to exchange this information with Payors.We encourage all these system vendors to Beta test these APIs to enhance theirsystem capabilities for exchanging information with payors.

“Howpayers and providers exchange information is in drastic need of streamlining.While many of us are focused on filling that need, Santéch believes that if wework together, we can truly turn the provider-payer relationship around. Wewelcome technology partners and system vendors to work collaboratively to extendtheir system capabilities by using these APIs.” said Sharma.

Neeraj Sharma, Santech’s COO andBert Fajardo, Santech’s VP of Strategy, are available at NAMSS to discuss about"Simplified and Intuitive Provider Management Platform for Credentialingand Compliance Needs" at Booth No. 108.

About Santéch

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