Processing Provider applications doesn’t have to be overbearing.

Collecting and managing Provider information and documentation is an important first step on the long road to onboard a health care provider.

It’s an important step because the quality of data submitted into a Provider application process impacts downstream processes (i.e. Credentialing, Re-Credentialing, Privileging, Payor Enrollment, etc.) if the data is incorrect and/or incomplete.

Surprisingly, for many health care organizations, Provider Application processes are still manually intensive and paper based. Need we say more?

I-Signup simplifies Provider application processing.

I-Signup is a completely web based solution that provides organizations with the ability to establish a paperless Provider application process.

Spend less time chasing down incomplete and/or erroneous paper, enforce data quality early in the onboarding process and ensure Provider applications are truly complete before handing the baton over to your credentialing team.

As Providers can be granted secure access to their information, I-Signup cuts down on the time and expense your organization spends following up with Providers to ensure applications are accurate and complete. With I-Signup, Providers are electronically notified when there are issues with their information or applications. I-Signup even allows Providers to enter or correct their information and submit required documentation directly online.

I-Signup, further enhances your Provider application process because Providers can also review and e-sign their applications on-line!

I-Signup Benefits and Features

Paperless Provider Application Processing is just one of many benefits inherent in I-Signup. Read on to learn more!

  • Process Provider applications safely and securely online.
  • Enable enterprise level reporting and inquiries on the status of Provider applications.
  • Improved Provider relations by reducing their overhead, costs, delays and frustration levels.
  • Dramatically reduce application processing times by eliminating manually intensive and error prone processes.
  • Increases staff productivity levels by enabling Providers to submit and/or update their information and documentation online.
  • Handle spikes in application volumes more easily (i.e. Recruitment campaigns, Medical school graduates).
  • Enjoy greater operational flexibility by allowing workloads to be distributed and monitored across personnel and office locations.
  • Eliminate paper based Provider applications
  • White label your Provider application process... quickly and easily
  • Integrate quickly and easily to Payors’ Provider portals.
  • Enhance communications with Providers and other onboarding personnel
  • Simplify traceability on all Provider application activities.

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