Innovative Solutions

The ability to innovate is critical to achieving operational excellence. Santéch's solutions arm organizations with the capabilities to push the envelope on improving processes, increasing productivity responding nimbly and rapidly to the changing requirements. In addition, they assist in getting organizations the information they need based on their requirements.

One solution. One platform.

Reduce the expense and effort into maintaining and synchronizing siloed solutions while improving the quality and integrity of your organization's Provider and/or Network data. Our solutions allow Healthcare and Payor organizations to transform their respective Providers and Network data resulting in faster processing cycles and improved bottom lines.


I-Enroll and I-Network empower organizations to optimize their respective Provider and Network Management capabilities.

Designed to be configurable rather than customizable, users can 'tailor' our solutions to meet their organizations' requirements without competing for limited IT resources. It translates into faster turnaround times for responding to new or changing business requirements.

One size does not fit all. That is why I-Enroll and I-Network provide the ability to standardize processes across an organization while also providing the flexibility to configure rules to meet the needs of individual facilities.

Scalability and Performance.

Santèch’s solutions are architected to support an organization’s needs regardless of its size or organizational complexity. One location or several, with a presence in one city or throughout the country, ten providers or five thousand providers, I-Enroll and I-Network, can support an organization as it evolves without missing a beat.