Integrated Solutions

Santéch believes connectivity to other applications and systems should be simple. That's why each of our customers and partners has access to a proven set of tools to build and deploy integrations.

Siloed applications are a drain.

Applications rarely live in isolation. You need robust integration capabilities to enable your applications to talk to and exchange data with other applications. Whether you want a simple data import/export or more complex multi-step integration flows, Santéch’s platform provides the tools that can simplify integrations.

We prevent your reinventing the wheel.

Connecting I-Enroll with other applications is cost-effective and straightforward. That's why everyone in our ecosystem gets to take advantage of a proven set of tools and an approach that reduces the time and expense of building and maintaining integrations with other systems.

We simplify application integrations.

Santéch’s approach to application integrations is defined with one word: simplicity. We make connectivity to other applications and resources easier to build, adapt, and maintain—a significant difference from the cost, complexity, and rigidity imposed by other solutions available in the market.