Managed Hosting

A hosted solution decreases capital investments for hardware while reducing IT requests for backups, maintenance, and infrastructure/application upgrades.

Don’t let IT project backlogs slow you down.

Healthcare organizations have many balls in the air, which means their IT resources are often spread too thin and are working hard to make sure they don’t drop them. After a solution is up and running, application upgrades, system backups, and application monitoring require time and resources from IT.

So consider having Santéch host and manage your solution to fast-track your implementation and allow your IT team to spend less time on maintenance and more time strategizing on ways to help your organization succeed.

It's Cost Effective.

For some healthcare organizations, establishing and maintaining an infrastructure may present financial challenges. A Santéch hosted solution avoids having to tap into your CAPEX budget. Our managed hosting option addresses your hardware, system security, Internet connectivity, disaster recovery, ongoing system performance monitoring, HIPAA compliance, setup, and configuration needs.

Your Solution is Proactively Monitored.

Santéch monitors its applications to detect and respond to problems - before customers are even aware if a problem exists.

We monitor the essential health of the application servers by keeping an eye on CPU utilization, throughput, memory usage, and the like. However, many components comprise an application server environment, and knowing which metrics to monitor for each of these pieces allows us to anticipate when problems might occur effectively.

Application monitoring is also more than just reviewing data that shows how our application is performing technically. Information such as page hits, frequency, and related statistics contrasted against each other is also monitored to detect if your solution, or portions of it, have consistently good (or bad) performance. Reports generated from the collected raw data we collect are also reviewed to provide insights into how your solution behaves.